Mission statement - Philosophy

Our company philosophy in brief

Arcawa has become one of the leading container suppliers for professional logistics in trade, industry and commerce through reliability and innovation in the field of mesh trolleys, pallets and containers. It is a source of pride to us that our containers and services make an important contribution to cost-saving and efficient logistics in every conceivable industry, while at the same time fulfilling our social and environmental obligations.

Our employees are our greatest asset and we invest in their development and career opportunities. We promote an open culture of cooperation and respect focused on the development and advancement of our employees. We place great emphasis on reliability, fairness and professional competence. We also ensure that our employees are always up to date with the latest technology and trends. This enables us to offer our customers the best possible advice and support.

We attach great importance to social standards and corporate compliance. We work in accordance with our Code of Conduct and Arcawa Business Code to ensure that we conduct our business ethically, transparently and in accordance with applicable law, and fulfill our obligations to our employees, partners and society. We recognize our social and environmental responsibilities and are committed to sustainability. We are always working to minimize our impact on the environment by optimizing production processes, using environmentally friendly materials and using resources sparingly.

It is our declared goal for the coming years to further increase our market share and to open up new interesting sales markets. To achieve this, we will continue to expand our sales organization in order to be even closer to our customers, further increase our stock levels in order to be able to deliver even faster, and maintain our pricing strategy with razor-sharp volume prices.